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Commercial usage edition of the face/head segmentation dataset. This version of the dataset can be used for any purpose including commercial usage.. The only exception is direct reselling of the dataset is not allowed. This is the same face/head segmentation dataset we use internally to train our facial feature segmentation networks.  This means unlike the community edition this dataset is constantly extended and updated with new data.

This version of the dataset contains over 70k (70621)* fully pixel-level labeled segmentation images.  Facial images are included from different ethnicity, ages and genders making it a well balanced dataset. Also there is a wide variety of facial poses and different camera angles to provide a good coverage from -90 to 90 degrees facing. Some images even contain multiple head/face segmentation depending on if the second or third face takes up enough screen real estate space.

For each real image there exist a PNG RGB label image pair. It encodes the 14 different labeled areas of the face using the following RGB labels:

Red value Green value Blue value Label description
0 0 0 Background
255 0 0 Lips/mouth
0 255 0 Left eye
0 0 255 Nose
128 128 128 General face/head
255 255 0 hair
255 0 255 Left eyebrow
0 255 255 Left ear
255 255 255 teeth
255 192 192 facial hair/beard
0 128 128 specs/sunglasses
0 128 0 Right eye
128 0 128 Right eyebrow
0 64 64 Right ear

An XML file for instant training setup is also included.

This dataset was compiled by Mut1ny and the help of nearly 100 other voluntary people who added labeled data via data submission. For their help in the past we are very grateful.

This product is a subscription product if you just want a  one off copy subscribe for 1 month or cancel after one month, otherwise you’ll receive an update for every month

(*) state record on 1st of August 2022


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