Product description

Mut1ny’s fast face detector is a deep neural network face detector that has remarkable fast detection speed. It is probably one of the fastest and also most accurate face detectors you can get. The network architecture is based on Version five in the popular YOLO network architecture family. The network has been trained on a diverse face dataset that includes many difficult cases (including occlusion) and many different facial orientations.

This product is the ideal companion in combination with our other facial processing networks, especially if the face only takes up a smaller percentage of the image/frame. Or if there are multiple faces in the footage.

But  best of all it is FREE. Yes just put it into your basked and go to the checkout and you’ll receive immediately a download link to the fast face detector.

The model is deliverable in these supported neural network formats

ONNX deep neural network format logo

But if you need any other neural network format just get in contact with us.

What is included in the fast face detector deep neural network?

  • The neural network model in the formats above
  • For ONNX format only:



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