Deep Neural Network models to kickstart your vision application

Are you currently building a vision based application? Maybe upgrading your application to include some vision Deep Learning element? If so then Mut1ny might be able to help accelerate your efforts. We offer a variety of different fully trained and tested, ready to deploy deep neural networks for visual tasks. These tasks could be for:

Unlike many other open source or research projects all our models can be used for commercial purposes. If you want to set up either an on-premise or a cloud based service you can do so without any extra costs. You’ll get the model from us, and then you decide how to deploy it. There are no additional transaction costs per unit to run the model.

Deep Neural Network vision training data

On the other hand maybe you want to get your feet wet yourself. Want to have full control on your deep neural network models. Meaning you have the expertise, the equipment but lacking the data to get your project of the ground? Anyone with certain amount of experiencing knows that sourcing the data is one of the hardest and most time consuming tasks, especially when dealing with deep neural networks. Finding that right data can help you save weeks and months of time.

Since the models in our store are trained with our own data we can make it available to other parties. If you do not want to use our models but still find the task they are doing interesting then maybe have a look at our data product pages.

Need a customized solution or advice & help in deployment?

Mut1ny has the expertise, talent and dedication in the area of deep neural networks, image & video processing to see your deep neural network project through to deployment.  Creating a model that works well in production is a sophisticated endeavor and the sort of challenge we live for. We are available for consultation as well as full-stack, end-to-end project development.  Contact us for further information.

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